About Tivarri

Cloud-Hosted Desktop Services Provider Since 2003

Tivarri has been a provider of Cloud-Hosted Desktop services since 2003, so we understand and appreciate the IT  requirements of businesses like yours. We recognise the vital role that IT plays in your organisation and the potential consequences of IT disruptions. Whether it is your trading activity, customer communications or running key applications, your IT system needs to be available 24/7. We also understand that your team consists of financial experts not IT specialists, and that managing IT can divert from core business and become a burden for those responsible for overseeing it.

You need complete system reliability; full system compliance, especially with GDPR and FCA regulations; prompt responsive support if things go wrong and the ability to share work and run complex integrated applications such as Bloomberg Professional, Thomson Reuters Eikon, Tradar and Intelliflo alongside Microsoft Office. 

Our mission, established more than a decade ago and still true today, is to revolutionise technical support by delivering reliable, fully compliant cloud solutions to asset managers, hedge funds and other businesses in the UK financial services sector.

What We Offer

As one of the longest-serving providers in this market with extensive knowledge of cloud technology, we were involved in the development of the industry-wide communication protocols used for secure remote access. We have migrated thousands of applications to our Cloud-Hosted Desktop platforms, including billing systems and accounting applications like Thomson, Reuters, Eikon and Bloomberg Professional. We also have extensive knowledge of Microsoft licensing options, enabling us to provide you with two cost-effective solutions-Cranberry Cloud and Cranberry Desktop. 

Tivarri also provides the disaster recovery service SystemFlip Continuous Recovery and the small footprint low energy fanless computer Cranberry Computer.

Who We Serve

All our clients have one thing in common: the desire for compliance, security, expertise, and prompt IT support. We specialise within the Alternative Investment industry, with a sizable chunk of our customers within this vertical. In recent years, we have expanded our clientele to include operators of critical national infrastructure. 

We understand that these businesses are a prime target for cybercriminals – the large pool of funds and plethora of sensitive information that they hold is enough motivation for any cybercriminal. Our solutions are specifically designed to empower them to identify cyberthreats and keep their business safe.

We adopt a proactive rather than a reactive approach by performing regular vulnerability assessments to ensure that your information assets are secure from both internal and external attacks. In the rare chance that a security breach occurs, our dedicated team are at hand to provide support services.

We are aware of the recent shift to remote and hybrid working and the accompanying security concerns of asset managers. Our solutions allow team members to work from anywhere at any time, improving collaboration, boosting productivity, and allowing principal staff to monitor work rates and task performance more closely. Team members will have access to all the company’s enterprise plan tools, applications, and resources, without data breaches concerns.


Our team consists of seasoned professionals with diverse skillsets to complement the services we offer. Meet the masterminds behind our magic.




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