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What is Juice Jacking?

In an era where staying connected is essential, public charging stations have become commonplace. However, amidst the convenience lies a subtle yet potent threat known as Juice Jacking. Juice Jacking refers to a cyber threat where attackers compromise public charging stations, with the intent to steal data from connected devices.

Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Staff

Cybersecurity awareness refers to an ongoing process of educating and training employees on the dangers that lurk in the cyberspace, teaching them how to thwart these threats and guiding them on proper actions in the event of a security breach. It involves instilling in employees a proactive sense of responsibility for keeping the company and its assets secure.

Does your business have an IT Policy?

Does Your Business Have an IT Policy?

In today’s increasingly digital and interconnected world, businesses of all sizes rely heavily on information technology (IT) infrastructure to operate efficiently and effectively. However, with the growing reliance on technology comes an inherent need for robust cybersecurity measures. An Information Technology (IT) policy is a fundamental document that every business should have in place to govern the use, management, and security of IT resources.

Benefits of ISO

Is ISO 27001 Beneficial To Businesses?

ISO 27001 is a globally recognised information security management standard that provides a structured and systematic approach to managing and protecting sensitive information within an organisation. ISO 27001 was first introduced in 2005 by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It has since undergone revisions to keep pace with evolving cybersecurity threats and technological advancements.

What Is An Insider Threat?

Insider threat refers to the risks posed to an organisation’s cybersecurity and sensitive information by individuals who have authorised access to the organisation’s systems, premises, or data.

Business Email Compromise

What Is Business Email Compromise (BEC)?

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a social engineering attack in which cybercriminals gain unauthorised access to a company’s email account to impersonate trusted partners, high-ranking executives, and employees.

What is Smishing?

The term smishing is coined from a combination of SMS (Short Messaging Service) aka text messaging, and phishing. Smishing is the fraudulent practice of sending text messages purporting to be from reputable businesses and organisations in order to trick individuals to reveal sensitive information.

Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

The benefits of integrating cybersecurity and AI are numerous. But like many developments in technology, there exists a dark side to the development of Artificial Intelligence.