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Cybersecurity In An Era Of Digital Transformation

The increased use of digital technologies to enhance or even create entirely new business models, customer experiences and working processes has led to a transformation in the way companies operate. While this change has been occurring over many years, there was an unrivalled acceleration during the pandemic.

Cyber Insurance: Meeting Insurer’s IT requirements

For businesses in the financial services sector, taking out a tailored cyber insurance policy can make all the difference if something suddenly goes wrong. Financial institutions like asset managers, hedge funds, etc., face a wide variety of risks in their day-to-day operations, thus, an insurance solution that provides comprehensive protection is a necessity.

Cyber Essentials: How to Get Started

Every business is a potential victim of cybercriminals, however, those in the financial services sector such as hedge funds are frequently prime targets for hackers whose motives range from espionage, fraud, insider theft or sabotage, and even fun.