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Tivarri is a distinguished industry leader in both public and private Cloud, Microsoft 365, cybersecurity and business continuity. We have over 20 years of experience designing, implementing, migrating and supporting businesses working in the Cloud whilst keeping their critical assets and information safe from both external and internal threats. We understand the unique requirements of regulated business and have designed our core offerings—Cranberry Desktop and Cranberry Cloud—to ensure compliance with regulatory and investor requirements. 

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Why Tivarri?

We deliver IT solutions to the exacting standards of regulated industries. Our track-record of excellence, supported by a team of industry experts, ensures your business is in safe hands. Our flexible and scalable cloud solutions are cost effective, offering per user pricing that beats internal IT costs while maintaining exceptional quality and security.

In 2022, we recorded a market-leading 99.999% uptime for our Private Cloud Service. This exceeded the uptime of the major public cloud service providers.

Our team is not just skilled: they are dedicated in-house experts, guaranteeing unwavering service quality. We invest in the best systems, people, components, equipment, and support processes to ensure you stay operational, come what may. Our goal is to keep your business running.

FCA Compliance



Cranberry Cloud

Tivarri's turnkey solution for
Resilience, Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance

Instant and continuous IT compliance with FCA regulations

State of the art private cloud infrastructure for data security, cyber security and resilience

Enables COVID-secure home, remote and hybrid working

Runs all of your key applications, from anywhere, including Bloomberg Professional, Refinitiv Eikon, Tradar, Intelliflo and Microsoft Office

Cranberry Desktop vs Cranberry Cloud

Deployment Time
1-2 days
3-5 days
MS Team Functionality
Full Support
Limited (chat functionality)
Minimum Users
Graphical Applications Performance
Works with standard internet connection
Works with standard internet connection
Hardware Requirements
Higher-spec PCs required
Irrelevant to user experience
FCA and ISO 27001 compliant
FCA and ISO 27001 compliant
Performance for Graphic Apps
Enhanced performance
Good performance
Long-Distance Use
Not suitable beyond 3,000 miles from the UK
User-Data Encryption
At rest and in transit
At rest and in transit
Internet Quality Requirement
Can work with standard residential broadband
Requires high-quality internet connection
Data Location
UK and optionally Microsoft Azure datacentres
Default UK
Offline Work
Possible with pre-planning
Not available
Mobile Functionality
Supported with offline capabilities
Limited mobile functionality

Not ready for a fully hosted desktop?
Introducing Cranberry Desktop by Tivarri

Cranberry Desktop is a secure IT system with centralised storage, auditing and data backup using cloud-based services. Cranberry Desktop is designed to meet FCA and ISO27001 standards and provides the key benefits of our Cranberry Cloud hosted desktop service while running on local PCs.

Cranberry Desktop provides extra layers of user control and security to better protect your company data and better meet the requirements of regulators and investors. It also gives a secure, seamless and controllable way for users to work remotely, on their own computers or devices.

Tivarri Cloud Datasheet

Download printable PDF details on Cranberry Cloud and Cranberry Desktop

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