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First released in 2019, Wenenu allows organisations to fully test their IT business continuity plans without impinging on production workloads.  Whilst developing their AWS solution in 2023, Wenenu experienced increased demand for meaningful reporting of customer carbon footprints as both ethical awareness and potential legislation drove enhanced business reporting needs. In early 2024, Wenenu adopted the Tailpipe solution and in just two days were able to deliver robust and reliable carbon emissions reporting for their own customers.  Tailpipe’s expansive carbon emissions analysis model, coupled with enterprise-grade architecture, avoids exposing customer data to third-party environments and rapidly delivered results that Wenenu and their customers had been unable to achieve previously.

Implementation :

Until Wenenu’s collaboration with Tailpipe, it had explored various frameworks for carbon footprint reporting, but these were challenging to implement and delivered only a partial picture, typically ignoring actual workload utilisation, memory, and network traffic. Furthermore, solutions demanded potentially sensitive data sharing across environments. Collaboration with Tailpipe represented a pivotal shift, empowering Wenenu with enhanced insights to meet its customer’s needs whilst retaining data sovereignty through the implementation of Tailpipe and existing AWS tools.


Leveraging Tailpipe’s capabilities, Wenenu could see for the first time a detailed and thorough overview of its carbon footprint for cloud-based emissions, enabling identification of emission hotspots with comprehensive reporting tagged by individual customer workloads.


Tailpipe provided Wenenu with a detailed and comprehensive view of its cloud-based emissions, enabling a deeper understanding of the environmental impact of its customers’ continuity workloads. As Wenenu develops further, it expects to see increased demand for such reporting from Enterprise level organisations looking to their own suppliers to provide meaningful carbon footprint analysis.

About Tivarri – the developers of Tailpipe

The Tivarri team behind Tailpipe has spent more than 15 years working with Enterprise customers helping them understand energy consumption and the carbon impact of IT and cloud operations.  Determined to make their tools and methodology accessible to all, in early 2023 they began working on Tailpipe specifically for AWS customers keen to understand meaningful carbon emission reporting from cloud operations whilst retaining Enterprise standards of data architecture and protection.

About Wenenu

Almost 20 percent of businesses report major systems downtime each year. The majority have business continuity plans, but rarely test them due to time constraints and concern around affecting live running environments. Wenenu’s mission is to solve the issue of straightforward and frequent business continuity testing using cloud infrastructure that doesn’t affect live running environments.  Wenenu is owned and operated by NMI-NET.

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